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handsinthepants's Journal

14 September
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You smell like a wound ripping scabby bone ninja.
50's music, 60's music, 80's music, =w=, a new found glory, adidas superstars, alkaline trio, being asexual, being christian, best friends, bitchrock, blacklights, blenderhead, blink-182, bme, bmx, bob marley, bouncing souls, boys, bryan adams, bt, bubblegum, calibretto 13, candy, candy ravers, capture the flag, carry the torch, cheese, cockrock, coffee, concerts, conversations, dancing, dashboard confessional, disco, drums, elmo, emails, emo, flowers, forget the past, gardens, geeks, get up kids, getting lost, girls, glasses, grrls, grrrls, guitar, gwen stefani, happyhardcore, hardcore, hello kitty, hemp, hippies, hole, hot pockets, hxc, incubus, jesus, jimi hendrix, joan jett, jockrock, lagwagon, lamb chop's play along, lamps, laughing, less than jake, lime green, lip gloss, local music, local punk rock, makeoutclub, manhunt, mannequin porn, mindless self indulgence, movies, mxpx, my dog, my friends, new found glory, no doubt, not caring, oi, parties, patrick, pens, photo booths, pickle spill: aisle 6, pink, piratecore, pirates, progressive house, pt grimm, punk, punk rock, random people, random towns, reading, red hot chili peppers, rhode island hardcore, riot grrl, rocking. rocking hard., saves the day, showering, shows, skanking, skateboarding, sleeping, snowboarding, spongebob squarepants, starbucks, stars, stickers, striped shirts, sublime, sunscreen, system of a down, taking buses, television, the ataris, the lyric game, the pretenders, the ramones, the runaways, the virgin suicides, tooth & nail records, unwritten law, upset broke, video games, weezer, your mom, zines